Welcome to the Racial Reconciliation and Healing Project

Racial Reconciliation and Healing. The title itself struck an emotional nerve in me. When I first began as the Program Coordinator for the Racial Reconciliation and Healing project, I was at the peak of my stress from racial trauma on my college campus. This stress was in addition to the stress of waking up as Black woman everyday in the United States.

I was involved in campus and community activism. I wrote. I marched. I chanted. I did all of these things, but none of it seemed like it was enough. Well what I know now is that I needed to incorporate my heart into the fabric of my activism and get clear about my role as a Black women in racial justice work. The RRH model taught me not only is healing possible, but it is necessary.

My hope is that you also can take a piece of our framework and apply it to pieces of your lives, communities, and organizations. It start with us.

In Solidarity,