The Work


“Racial Rec is the only place where healing really gets done, especially for People of Color. It’s one of the only places where I’ve ever felt affirmed in just the way that I exist. To not only be able to be affirmed by others, but to learn to affirm yourself, is one of the most beautiful things.” -Cynthia Pages, Alumni ‘17



The Container

The container comes first, before starting the process. It is important to build safety before doing higher risk work. The container provides a context for the work grounded in structural assumptions, agreements for how the work gets done and how participants are expected to be with each other and finally, tools for managing feelings so participants have more control over how far they go and for tracking and supporting others in this process.


The Process

The Racial Reconcilation & Healing model does not follow a static curriculum, but rather introduces different activities depending on what the group needs. We are sharing a few of our favorites that are often useful for moving the group forward when things feel stuck. We recommend at least one racial affinity session per month (if you are meeting twice a week) or as the group needs dictate.


During the second half of the year, the group begins to look to the outside world to integrate their new understanding into their own racial justice projects. The final integration activity starts over April break, as the youth work on understanding and finding connections with their own family members and unique histories via “ancestor journeying” activities.